The Slow Regard of Silent Things: A Review


Wow. This novella is incredibly different from how Patrick normally writes. Third-person is normally awkward for him – but I thoroughly enjoyed Auri’s perspective written in this way. It was oddly intimate, despite us not hearing her precise voice. It was as if we were spying on her but she knew and it was okay.

The illustrations were superb. I listened to the other two books on audiobook and I am definitely happy that I went and purchased this to read. They are beautiful and Auri is portrayed precisely how I imagined her – ethereal and waifish.

Auri is a mysterious character and I rather enjoyed gaining a small insight into her world and how she operates. I still don’t know anything really, which is okay. I am fine not having all of the answers. But having knowledge of how she feels each day and how she finds things is still eye-opening and a perspective I wanted in the other novels but knew it would never happen.

I liked seeing her without Kvothe’s input. It was at once heartbreaking and haunting. But I like that she remains a mystery still. We have some insight into what might have brought her to this breaking point but they are mere twinklings. I won’t get into them here.

I will probably have to re-read all of these books. I know I am missing things. I will also have to re-read them in order to fill the void left by my finishing them.


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