A Darker Shade of Magic: First Glance

wp-1489443311936.jpgSo as a New Year’s Resolution, I decided that I needed to read more. As a result, I started a Book Club with my friends earlier this year. We have read an array of books so far and this month we landed on fantasy as a genre. I have seen these books in a lot of GoodReads lists and it seems like my friends wanted to read it as well.

I picked A Darker Shade of Magic up at my local library and what I noticed right away was the cover. If there is one thing that I am a sucker for, it is intentional and eye-catching design. Yes, I know, I judged a book by its cover but come now, what a cover! It has a minimalist flavor with a clear theme: red black and white. It appears that all of the books in the series maintain this theme throughout (and I am a sucker for that as well).

It appears that this fantasy novel deals directly with magic and alternate realms – alternate Londons, in fact. Each London has its own quirks and aspects – the one that I think we are part of is called “Grey London” which, according to the inside cover, is “dirty and boring, without any magic, and with one mad king- George III.”

I do hope that this is something that will delight both myself and my book club readers. It seems to get a decent score on GoodReads – a little over a 4/5. Perhaps I will find myself a new series to gorge on.



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