A Darker Shade of Magic: An Interlude

Currently, I am not very far in this book. V.E. Schwab is both a young adult writer and an adult writer but her YA roots are showing in this novel – it’s pretty easy to read and has a few tropes that are found in YA. That being said, I really like the world-building so far. The different worlds all have different holds on magic and I enjoy how each is represented.

Unfortunately, I am pretty thrown right now. One of the main characters, Lila, after gaining access to a magical weapon, decides that it is not something that she should actually possess and THROWS IT OUT THE DAMN WINDOW INTO THE ALLEY. How is this something that makes any damn sense. Let’s take the fact that it is magical away from the picture. It’s a weapon intended for killing. Why in the hell would you throw it out? It’s just incredibly irresponsible. Also, as a thief, wouldn’t you want to at least sell it to get some money? She is on hard times.

I get it that this needed to be thrown in order to show how something  magical happened but GOOD GOD it could have been something more plausible like she got into a fight and she was disarmed but no, she didn’t want it anymore and tossed it.

That was too much for me.


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