Wolf in White Van: First Glance

When I found out, admittedly a little late, that John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats fame was writing novels, I jumped at the chance to read one. The Mountain Goats have a special place in my heart for their lyricism. Every time I hear one song, I feel the need to listen to the entire album because it’s the only way I can listen to them. Every song has its own tale, it feels as if I am reading short stories every time I listen.

My favorite song, “This Year”, from their album The Sunset Tree, has this flavor precisely. My own words cannot do it justice:


If these lyrics are any indication of what John Darnielle may be planning, I am incredibly excited:

I drove home in the California dusk
I could feel the alcohol inside of me hum
Pictured the look on my stepfather’s face
Ready for the bad things to come

It is only natural, then, that he would fall into writing novels. The front cover is dizzying enough, with a very closely run-together maze  framing the words. I am thinking that this may have something to do with a game or many different possibilities opening at once and then closing – with nowhere to turn. I might be entirely wrong.

I honestly cannot wait to read this. I don’t know much about it and I kind of like it that way. Whatever it will be, I am sure I will devour it.



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