Norse Mythology: A Review

I was sorely tempted to purchase this when I went to Barnes and Noble earlier this month. However, I heard that the audio book was out and that Neil Gaiman himself was reading it and I had to have it. I belong to Audbile and had a whole bunch of credits so I threw a credit down on this.

I drive pretty far for both of my jobs and instead of listening to music, I’ll listen to audio books. Listening to Neil Gaiman talk about Odin, Loki, Thor and all the other gods and goddesses was a delight. I almost want to read a book about his process, which sounded so interesting. The amount of research he had to do in order to get these myths right and to have them sound at once mythological and contemporary must have been extensive, indeed. I would like to have seen his sources.

I also wish I was more informed on the Norse myths themselves. I feel like if I knew more beyond the cursory knowledge I have through Marvel and random K. A. Applegate novels I read as a kid (I’m looking at you, EverWorld) I would thoroughly enjoy it.

It’s a good way to be introduced. I might pick up some other pieces of Norse Mythology and do a little research on my own. But who better to do a contemporary retelling of these myths than the man who wrote American Gods? I couldn’t help but think of Wednesday when listening to Neil talk about Odin. (Whoops, spoilers).

I also enjoyed learning that Thor is essentially a very strong, very voracious, simpleton. Not at all like the Thor that is portrayed in the Marvel movies. He isn’t the most intelligent of that bunch but he is still far from being a simpleton.

I was also surprised to learn that Loki isn’t Thor’s brother, but Odin’s brother. What a twist!



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