Fangirl: First Glance

I picked this book up from the library recently because I am reading some very intense books that require a lot of thought (the first book of the Expanse series, Commonwealth, and Wolf in White Van) and I wanted something that I could munch on like Thin Mints.

Rainbow Rowell is an author I enjoy reading. I read one of her other books – Eleanor and Park – a few years ago and adored it. I have always wanted to read another of her books and felt like reading Fangirl because there are aspects of this main character that I can definitely relate to – the extreme fandom of something where you would write fan-fiction for it (I almost did but I didn’t have the guts. Had plenty of friends in college who did, though!).

I noticed right away that the front cover’s illustration was the same artist who created Nimona which I read earlier this year – Noelle Stevenson. It’s a wonderful pairing, these two, who are so well-loved on the internet and places where many nerdy teenagers reside – tumblr and the like.

When I read YA, I read it both with the lens of attempting to get enjoyment out of it and also because I want to be able to recommend it easily to one of my students. I like to have books that I can readily recommend to my students because it is hard for them to stick to books at all. Though, they have been surprising me lately.

We will see how this goes. I have high expectations because of how much I enjoyed Eleanor and Park.


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