Leviathan Wakes: An Interlude

I’ve been simultaneously reading the Expanse series and watching the show (which is amazing) and I came across this quote which I had to share.

To give it some context, Miller, one of the main characters, is thinking about the possibility of a nuclear war where both Earth and Mars would be destroyed:

As long as the domes were still standing on Mars, as long as the critical biosphere of Earth wasn’t in direct threat, humanity wasn’t dead. Miller had to wonder what they were hoping for out in the Belt, whether they’d managed to talk themselves into believing that the rough ecological pockets of the asteroids would sustain life indefinitely (358).

All along you have been reading from the perspective of Belters or those who are in cahoots with Belters. This insight from someone who had lived on a station all of his life is something that makes me think about what the consequences of a life without a planet nearby would be like. Of course the Belters can take care of themselves, but for how long? And at what cost? No matter what, these humans are still in need of a place with an atmosphere and a sky – even if it is just an idea. It is a concrete idea, at least. They could go there if they wanted. They just don’t want to. But once that possibility is gone, it is gone forever. And I think Belters would feel incredibly uncomfortable at that thought.


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