Time Travel: First Glance

James Gleick is an author I probably should have heard of by now if I was someone that consumed nonfiction writing as much as I consumed fiction. In all honesty, I am recently more intrigued by nonfiction in the way that only age can allow me to – because I can now see that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. And if someone can write truth as compellingly as fiction, then I am all for it.

I picked up this piece of nonfiction when I was at R.J. Julia’s, a great place to peruse books in Madison, CT. I adore it merely because it’s a paragon of a time long past. Also, it puts my mind at ease when I am on edge. I surround myself with books in order to feel better. They have little cards that fold under the book and over the shelf edge that have the employees write a little synopsis of books that are intriguing from time to time. I was in the science section because I was initially looking for a Mary Roach title (which I didn’t find) and this caught my eye.

I find all things science very fascinating. If I wasn’t such an English snob, I probably would have found myself endlessly digging somewhere as an anthropologist or paleontologist. Mostly, the reason why I am not in these fields is because the work is often strenuous with not very good pay. But oh boy, I decided being an English teacher was a good try. I don’t think very well on these things. Such is life.

The concept of time travel is of course intriguing to me because I adore many shows and books that depict these kinds of things and the consequences that go into them. Doctor Who is at the fore of my mind when thinking on this because of course, the Doctor has a time-traveling police box. They often talk about time paradoxes and not being able to meet oneself or be one’s own grandpa but there are some things that truly get confusing and messed up because of this box. But there are things that are beautifully helped and wonderfully executed because of the box.

James Gleick may talk about Doctor Who. The little card written by the employee had mentioned the Doctor. I am curious, then, to see what he has to say about time travel, historically and through shows. And then this will probably throw me down the rabbit hole of this author.


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