The Night Ocean: First Glance

I was perusing my library earlier and was struck by this cover. I am a sucker for line drawings: see Thom Yorke’s The Eraser.


They have a sense of being overwhelmed as well as a surrealist bit. When I read the back cover, I was even more intrigued.

Apparently, the main character’s husband escapes from a mental hospital in order to find H.P. Lovecraft and his supposed lover Robert Barlow, with whom they write together for a short while. The husband wants to know more and he apparently dies, found in an ocean. The wife does not believe he is dead, however, and starts piecing together what it was that the husband was looking for.

As someone who is briefly aware of H.P. Lovecraft but is still intrigued by him, I wanted to see where this was going. It seemed like it was going to be some kind of paranormal madness – the cover certainly seemed to suggest some kind of madness. The wife is a psychotherapist, which brings that idea to the fore.

I am curious.


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