The Princess Diarist: A Review

51xkbyaeyxl-_sx321_bo1204203200_This is something that all Star Wars fans should read, or listen to. As someone who grew up with Star Wars and looked at Leia as someone to be admired, I was ecstatic to read this. When Carrie died, I was overwhelmed with sadness. The sales of this book went up and when I went to get it that same day, everyone else apparently had the same idea. I instead put my name on the list to borrow the audio book and I am so glad I did. Hearing Carrie’s voice almost made me cry.

Hearing about the affair between Harrison and Carrie is one thing. Seeing it on the page is quite another – and from Carrie’s perspective no less. Some people, hearing or reading this, may feel an anger towards Harrison for what happened – that he had an affair while married and with the way that he treated Carrie. But honestly, what it seems like is that these two happened and it was a mistake but not something that either of them really regret. It wasn’t long – but it was clear that Carrie, during her diary entries, felt totally upset and confused by the whole thing.

I don’t want to give away everything but I felt it was quite an honest portrayal of two human beings who got caught up with each other for a short while. The fact that it happened during Star Wars just adds to the milieu of the story.

I laughed during some of the diary writing (can I also say how verbose she is? It’s incredible how beautiful her writing was then, despite it being very dark). It reminded me of my teenage days and my insecurity with men and the whole of it.

Very interesting. Enjoyed it from the opening word.


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